How To Mitigate The Mental Health Effects of Corona.

Although the effects of the Corona menace have been largely controlled, some of its long-term effects can still be seen in society. The psychological impact on society in the face of such a large-scale pandemic is not insignificant.

Even though some courtiers are currently in its infancy, any country may have to face the “lockdown” experience again at any time in a situation where the Corona is no longer under global control. In the face of such an unprecedented situation in history, it has become an important topic of time to ask about the impact on mental health and ways to reduce it.

Mental Health During the Pandemic – Australia

When prompted international experience, we would like to look at how Australia manage the situation. Australia, has a relatively advanced mental health service which has paid special attention in maintaining the mental well-being of the people in the fight against the Corona Pandemic.

This article examines some of the exemplary steps that the country has taken in this regard.


Obtain only accurate and balanced information from trusted sources.

In such a catastrophic situation, hot news and information begin to circulate through various media.

The impact on the minds of the viewer and listener is not insignificant as the official news broadcasts through the mainstream media continue to report the number of patients and deaths and its horrors.

A research team at the University of Melbourne has found that this can inadvertently cause stress reactions in the body and even trigger hormonal imbalances.

Risk of Heart Disease

It is a well-known fact that long-term stress increases the risk of developing heart disease.

The report also found that people who were over-exposed to such news were more likely to have nightmares, feelings of insecurity, and depression.

Although not regulated, many of Australia’s major medias seem to report responsibly on a daily basis.

Social Media

In an environment where the use of social media is in disarray, anyone can become a news creator. but its detrimental aspect is the risk of instantaneous socialization of untrue and baseless information.

You may find how false news spread in many courtiers that so many deaths were caused by Corona or that the city was closed down a short while ago.

Through this the above mentioned psychological effects can be further intensified.

The maturity in the use of social media in a country like Australia, New Zeeland and Singapore, is that publishing information without sources is much less.

Stay in Home and Feeling

Facing isolation and loneliness

Many people find it very boring to stay at home for the weekdays but due to Corona, they were unable to move out of their homes or meet friends and they have been isolated in society.

Needless to say, being a social person, having to be under house arrest for a few weeks in this way is a cause of serious psychological distress. Those who have been quarantined may feel this effect strongly.


Australia has implemented a program to help people manage this isolated distress.

They introduced a number of websites to provide psychological counseling to those who are stressed out by Corona being “lockdown”. Data shows that Australians are using those services at a very high level.

Compared to Asian courtiers, Australians are more inclined to resort to such services without hesitation. A positive attitude towards mental health services is a feature of a developed society. Corona house arrest also had a major impact on the mental health of young children, blocking their ability to go out and play.

Children and Mental Health

To uplift the mental health of young children, Australia promoted various activities.

An example of this is, the game “Bear Hunt” which was given a lot of publicity through the media. Even the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Adan, kept a Teddy Bear pet near the window of her home and expressed her support for this game. Even in cases where strict restraint restrictions were imposed (Stage 4 Lock Down), it was still allowed to leave the house to exercise.

As a health-loving nation, many were seen using exercise tracks. It is clear from the Australian experience that this is a factor that contributes to physical as well as mental well-being.

Creating social and economic security – Australia

Creating social and economic security is also an important requirement for good mental health in the face of such catastrophic situations. The dropout of the education of their children was a matter of stress for many parents. Every possible step was taken to continue the education of children in the Australian campaign against Corona.

The period of complete closure of schools was very short and within a few days of school closures, educational activities were carried out for the children during the relevant school hours on a daily basis as taught in the school through the use of the Internet (Online).

The government continues to provide a substantial allowance to all Australian citizens who have lost their jobs due to Corona.

Most of the courtiers in Asia, Africa, and South America may not be able to apply all of these conditions in the same way, it should be understood that creating social and economic security is a factor that contributes to the psychological well-being during the Corona pandemic.

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