September 23, 2021

Review : DJI Mini 2 Make Your Moments Fly

For someone who has been wanting to do drone film-making or photography but maybe has never picked up a drone, even for a hike, biking, or backpacking, DJI has done it again, giving us another new lightweight champ into their ever-growing arsenal of drones. This time around it is the DJI Mini 2, which is clearly for beginners, and dare I say this is the perfect beginner’s drone to ever exist. Here’s why!

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Simply, it is an extremely small and lightweight drone. For comparison, the Mini 2 is smaller than an iPhone 12 pro. It weighs in at 249g. This weight keeps the Mini 2 under certain regulatory rules mostly around registering and licensing depending on which country you are on. There are a few key upgrades from the Mavic Mini which you should really be excited about.


First of all, 4K resolution video capability. As a beginner with where the world is heading, 4K is now a must. Especially with drone footage where you are getting for example a wide landscape, you want that high resolution. So I am glad that they added 4K in 24,25 and 30 frames per second(fps) to the Mini 2. This 4K shoots at 100 megabits per second, whereas last year’s Mavic Mini 1 shot at a resolution of 2.7K at 40 megabits per second.


The next major upgrade I think is the 10 kilometer / 6.2 miles video transmission range. This basically means that you can fly this drone much further as the signal is much better. It is better in terms of resolution and also in terms of the quality of the signal. This is possible due to a change in the transmission protocol. In the case of the original Mavic Mini, it used an extended version of Wi-Fi to go between the drone itself and the controller. In Mini 2 however, it uses Ocusync 2.0 which is something that DJI only includes for their higher-end drones.

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Next up on the list is the drone’s speed. Now speed on the Mini 2 has bumped up a notch compared to the previous Mavic Mini. In Normal Mode the Mini 2 can travel at a speed of 36kmph / 22.4mph and in Sport Mode, it can travel at a speed of 57.7kmph / 35.8mph.


Talking about the controller, it is different from the previous Mini. It is actually the same controller that you get with the DJI Mavic Air 2, which is a significant upgrade. Previous controllers used to be flimsy. Now they are rigid, more ergonomic, and user-friendly as they’ve changed all the micro USB ports to USB type C. This change is carried onto the drone and the battery pack as well.


The battery life has like a minute or two longer than the previous Mini which isn’t much but 31 minutes of battery life for a drone this small is pretty good. If you need some more juice you can go for the bundle pack which includes the battery charging pack. This consists of a 3-battery pack making it so easy to charge your batteries and have them ready to go around with you. Since there are 3 batteries in this little guy, you can basically go shoot footage for an hour and a half. You plug it into the USB type C port to charge it, and then you can actually use this battery pack as a power output so basically it’s a power bank for your drone and controller.


The Mini 2 has a 3-axis gimbal and a 1/2.3 inch CMOS 12 megapixel(mp) sensor, it’s going to have the same 24-millimeter equivalent which is a perfect focal length to have on a drone with a fixed focal length. This is because you are able to get a wide enough shot, but it’s not too wide that you don’t have any of that good compression. The camera has an 83° field of view. You can capture images in the JPEG format or RAW format. The benefit of having RAW support is that you can get more out of the image post-production.


Within the DJI Fly app, you can use these different QuickShot modes which are basically preset flight types where it is great for beginners who are new to the drone realm to learn a thing or two. For example you can do like an orbit shot, a drone selfie or a zoom out shot. You do not have to control the drone manually at all as it happens automatically.



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