September 23, 2021
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07 Mind-Blowing Places To Visit In The Philippines.

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia that is divided into 3 main island groups based on geographical differences: Luzon, Mindanao, and Visayas. The country has a variety of natural resources and well known for its biodiversity. Since it’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines got some amazing beaches and scuba diving opportunities too. In short, you won’t find many countries that could beat the Philippines in natural beauty.

Having more than 7000 islands and each having a number of amazing places to visit, the country can put you in a much difficult position as to which island you should visit first and where exactly on that island. So, to make things easier for you, we put together some of the places which we think you should prioritize in a visit to the Philippines.

01.Siargao Island.

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This is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Surfing is the main and most popular activity there. But don’t worry if you are not a surfer. It has plenty of coral lagoons, white sand beaches, amazing seafood or you can even spend the day at nearby paradise-like Guyam Island or Bucas Grande to see Sohoton Caves.

02. Apo Island.

You won’t often get the chance to swim with sea turtles. But at the “Apo Island Marine Reserve,” you get the opportunity to take guided tours to watch turtles up close and swim among coral reefs. If you want to get a greater view of the island, you can go up to the island’s view deck or walk around the Apo village to see local flora and fauna.

03. Cebu.

Once you get there, you will realize why the shots taken at Cebu became Instagram favorites. Cebu is an extremely beautiful island and has lots of things to do especially if you are a water enthusiast. One of the main attractions there is the stunning Kawasan Falls located in the Southwest of the island. For a more thrilling experience, go for canyoneering and jump off the 2-10m cliffs into the waters below.

04. Siquijor.

In order to get a bit more different experience than the other places in the Philippines, visit this mystical island as it’s full of witches and magic. You can even buy love potions, amulets, cast or reverse a curse or meet a healer there. Due to the higher number of fireflies, the island was also called “The island of fire” by the Spanish colonizers. Most tourists visit Siquijor for the beaches with turquoise waters, caves, nature gardens and to experience the laid-back vibe of the island.

05. Iloilo city on Panay Island.

If you like to learn more about Spanish colonial history, you should definitely visit this city. Jaro Cathedral and Nelly’s Garden are two of the main places you should explore there. You can also schedule your trip around the beginning of the year, so you can participate in the Dinagyang festival which is held on the 4th Sunday of January every year. It’s one of the most popular religious events and you surely wouldn’t want to miss it.

06. Luzon Island.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is another place you should explore. You can go swimming in Pagupud, visit hanging coffins Sagada or Ta’al Volcano in Tagaytay city or watch the amazing site of Batad rice terraces. Luzon island is the home to Manila, the capital city, and it’s also ranked as the 4th most populated island in the world in 2015. If you want to explore the natural beauty, history, culture, and local lifestyle in a single trip, Luzon is the place to go.

07. Boracay Island.

This gorgeous island consists of more than 12 beaches and even among them, the white beach is a huge tourist attraction. Once, it was voted as the best beach in the world for a reason. The beach gets its name from the pure white powdery sand and beautiful crystal clear waters.

Scuba diving, helmet diving, cliff jumping are the popular activities there and plenty of restaurants, bars and accommodation are available along the main beach stations making it the perfect place for the tourists to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.



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