July 30, 2021
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Top 6 Must-Visit Scenic Gardens in Singapore

When we hear the name Singapore, what comes first to our mind is a concrete jungle filled with skyscrapers and other artificial structures. It’s kind of true being one of the most densely populated regions, but with the introduction of the idea of turning Singapore into a “Garden City” in 1967, the city-state has been creating so many areas of green space, well-organized nature parks, aquariums, bird and reptile parks in order to maintain a pleasant, more natural-looking environment for all its inhabitants.

Let’s take a look at some of the picturesque nature gardens in Singapore which are responsible for making it a major tourist destination.

Gardens by the bay.

gardens by the bay at night

This nature park, spanning up to 101 hectares is located adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. It consists of 3 waterfront gardens and especially famous for its super tree structure, seashell-shaped greenhouses, flower dome, Marina Barrage, Heritage Gardens, and Cloud forest Conservatories all of which are covered in vegetation. The tallest super tree groves are connected with a bridge giving you a view of the entire park. The place is suitable for both adults and kids and known as Singapore’s number one urban outdoor recreational space.

Chinese and Japanese gardens.

These are located next to the Jurong Bird park off the Yuan Ching Road. Each garden covers an area of 13.5 hectares. The Chinese garden depicts the classical Nothern Chinese Imperial style. It’s made on an island in Jurong Lake and you can see grand stone lions at the entrance, massive pagodas, a statue of Confucius, and a stone boat. Apart from that, there’s the Garden of Romance, a Herb Garden, and a Suzhou-styled bonsai garden.

The Japanese garden is on the other side of the bridge. It’s simpler in style but doesn’t lack the charm either way due to its pebbled paths, zig-zag bridges, traditional summer houses, and stone lanterns

Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Found in 1859, this is considered the oldest garden in Singapore. It showcases the most spectacular of tropical flora and a significant number of jungle animals. It’s also one of the major orchid breeding and research centers in the world. This award-winning, UNESCO world heritage site has its own mini tropical rainforest at an area of 6 hectares, a ginger garden, sun garden, sundial garden, palm valley, bandstand area, and a children’s garden making it the ideal place for family picnics, gatherings, and open-air concerts as well.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Bukit Timah has a very rich and diverse ecosystem in the world making it the home to 500 species of animals, and 840 species of flowering plants. It’s one of the largest patches of primary rainforests remaining in Singapore. It’s popular as a rock climbing spot and trails for hiking, cycling, and jogging are scattered everywhere around the reserve. You can even book a horse ride to explore Bukit Timah and you will be provided with trails led by an instructor.

Chestnut park.

Singapore’s largest nature park, the Chestnut park covers a total of 81 hectares and can be found on the eastern end of Chestnut Avenue. This was specifically made for biking and hiking with separate trails for both. The park has two main parts in North and South, the Nothern part is four times bigger than than the Southern part.

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden.

This garden stretches up to 5 hectares and houses a variety of economically valuable trees such as nutmeg, rubber, cocoa, and cinnamon. The footpaths here run through lush greenery and often appreciated by local and foreign nature lovers and runners, as it has a separate running track of 1.2 km with distance markers for those who don’t want to run the entire park. Additionally, there’s a 120 step staircase, an adventure park, a plaza area, and a lotus pond for people to sit back and relax.



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