September 23, 2021
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7 Tips To Lose 10kg In 2 Weeks.

Do you want to look good for an upcoming function and need to lose your weight by 10kg in two weeks? If you want a quick surprise by taking off some pounds, the common procedure that you should follow is, eat healthy, do exercises and drink plenty of water.  It’s a task that needs a lot of time and patience. While some achieve their goal with extreme hard work and commitment, others strive and strive and at a certain point they give up their hope. The fact of the matter is, losing weight is easy, but only if done in the correct manner. 

Here are some 7 guidelines you should follow to lose your weight fast

Do daily exercises.

Following a daily workout ritual will not only help you lose your weight, but also improve your physical and mental health. It is accepted that doing cardio exercises will help you burn your fat faster. Studies have shown that doing workouts in the morning is more effective than doing later in the day.

Stop junk food.

Try to carry your own snacks as much as possible and stop buying junk and snacks. Make your own pack of snacks whenever you go out like mixed nuts, fruits, vegetables like baby carrots and celery, cottage cheese, dark chocolate, yogurt, whey protein shakes etc.

Try to eat meals at home.

Always try to make your meals at home. It gives a good control over sugar, salt and fat that goes into your food. Do not stock unhealthy packaged, processed food on your kitchen shelf

Eat more proteins.

Intake more protein foods as it helps burn fat and build more muscles.

Eg: eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, milk etc.

Also, protein keeps you full for a longer time as protein takes more time to digest than other nutrients.

Eat slowly.

Eating your meals slowly and chewing your food properly will definitely help to reduce your weight because when taking time, it will make your portions less and it gives time to absorb food better.

Drink plenty of water.

Drinking enough water is an essential factor if you think of losing your weight. Studies have showed, drinking 1 – 2 litres of water per day is sufficient to lose weight. Drinking water can cleanse your system, maintain hydration, reduce appetite and increase metabolic rate.

Maintain a diet chart.

A diet chart will be beneficial if you execute the plan well and achieve the best results out of it. Make your own plan which perfectly suits you, but try to balance out the calories you intake per day. If possible start your own research and calculate the amount of calories each food carries and balance it by burning them with a daily based exercise routine.

These top secrets will  not only help you to lose weight and achieve your dream body, but also these daily practices would help you to lead a healthier and happy life.



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