July 30, 2021

Top of The Line – 2020 DODGE DURANGO

Tell me this. Are you a fan of muscle cars? Or do you prefer an SUV? What if I tell you that I have the muscle car of an SUV! The Dodge Durango SRT 2020. Dodge’s history backtracks to 1900, together with SRT or Street & Racing Technology, which is the high-performance branch of Dodge, manufactured this mean machine earlier this year. It is powerful, stylish, grand, and definitely muscular to come out on top. Hop in and take a glimpse of key features that makes this 4×4 the fastest and most capable 3 row SUV money can buy!

(images: dodge.com/durango)


This monster is wide, immediately aggressive with broad headlights, attractive Auto Highbeam Daytime Running Lamps, and no fake vents. The structure is a tough steel cage that secures and protects the passengers in the unlikely case of an accident. The Spilt Crosshair Grille that is an icon of Dodge, represents the true muscle brand. To top it all off, a genuine set of 45 series 20-inch wheels with a width of 295 to highlight this monster SUV.

images: dodge.com/durango


The breathtaking V8 goodness under the hood does miracles. A 6.4L HEMI powerhouse delivers a staggering 485HP and takes as little as 4.6 seconds to launch from 0 – 60. Engine Mode can be altered and Cruise Control can be set according to the type of drive you take in order to match the comfort of the passengers and fuel consumption.

This 8-speed transmission monster V8 is able to tow up to an unreal load of 8700lbs! All-Wheel-Drive function along with the near-perfect weight distribution between the engine block and rear drive axle eliminates any sort of possible traction loss, hence maximizing the power transmission efficiency.


This 3-row 7 seater offers seven different seat fabric colors to customize your ride.

The Nappa Axis Perforated leather, lined with Tungsten Access Stitching & Silver Embroidery gives the durable seating a classy finish. The Durango promotes comfort by inbuilt heating and ventilation for power operated front seats. A center console situated between the front seat bottom provides two USB outlets, one 115v power outlet, and zone climate control options for the satisfaction of the rear seaters. The second-row Fold & Tumble feature provides easy and really simple entry and exit to that third row.


Right in front of the wheel, a 7 inch Driver Information Digital Cluster Display on the dashboard provides everything ranging from engine-related technical parameters to fuel economy, mileage, and warnings, right at the fingertips.

The steering wheel provides access to Uconnect® Voice Command feature, so you won’t have to take your hands off the wheel.

The 8-speed transmission provides intuitive gear selection using a stylish, electronic t-shifter and steering wheel-mounted paddle-shift technology.


A Harman Kardon Sound System through 19 amplified speakers, delivers supreme sound to tune you up while 9 inch HD Dual Screen Blue-Ray Entertainment system behind the front seats with USB, AV, and HDMI inputs that provide entertainment to the folks at the back no matter how long the drive.

Uconnect System also provides input in numerous ways like Bluetooth, 3.5 Aux, CD, DVD, and Blue-Ray Audio making this the ideal entertainment hub.


The Durango stands out for the remarkable spacing in its design. Other than being able to fit seven people in it, there is ample cargo space for you to fit your baggage and camping gear as well. The third seat fold makes up twice the initial cargo space. That’s not all. To make things even better, a mechanical trap door in the cargo space reveals more storage space so what can’t seem to go on top can go in there.


A multipurpose roof rack by Mopar® that is capable of carrying 150 pounds of gear for your adventure. It includes a Bicycle Carrier feature that consists of automatic self-adjusting jaws ensuring positive and secure clamping.


Blind Spot Monitoring System alerts you when a vehicle enters possible driver blind spots to ensure better and much safer lane changes.

Rain Brake Stop feature activates when the wipers are operational. This causes a slight pressure to be applied on the brake calipers to remove any water and maintain braking efficiency.

Brake Assist feature boosts the braking power by continuous detection of the rate at which brakes are applied by the driver.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution feature regulates braking pressure from forward to rear in all load conditions, to maximize the braking efficiency and reduce the stopping distance.

Especially when taking on low traction surfaces, Electronic Stability Control and Electronic Roll Mitigation feature help to reduce any wheel lift possibility, hence roll-over risk.

images: dodge.com/durango



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