July 30, 2021
cinnamon and anise

7 Best Spices and Their Awesome Health Benefits


Today in the world of cooking, it is mandatory to use the right combination of spices to enhance the colors, fragrance, and flavors of foods. Spices will turn ordinary food into an aromatic and rich experience. It does not only add glamour and taste to your food but also has its own characteristics to promote your health standards. Sharing is caring, so let me share some health benefits of the best 7 spices below.

1.         CINNAMON

Around 9 -10 percent of the world population are diabetes patients and threat of increase is high. Cinnamon is one good spice to reduce blood sugar levels since no sugar is added though it lends a sweet taste. This golden spice has the attribute to reduce high blood cholesterol and keeps a risk-free healthy heart.

2.         TURMERIC

Oxidative damage is one main contribution to aging and many diseases apart from inflammation in the brain. To reduce, control, or overcome these diseases Turmeric shines to be the best out of all. This spice also improves brain function, fights Alzheimer’s, reduces the risk of heart and cancer diseases, and relieves arthritis.

3.         GINGER

Ginger is often recommended by researchers as a very effective on nausea and stomach upset mostly linked with pregnancy. The ideal medicine for motion sickness is said to be Ginger, which will cut the extremity or even fend off the symptom if any. It is also supposed to help ease vomiting due to chemotherapy.

4.         GARLIC

Should I say Garlic is a strong scent bulb which helps to boost heart health. It is been linked by the studies that intake of Garlic will flexy the blood vessels. This characteristic alone will control fatty deposits (cholesterol), high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. An amazing spice the world of cooking should think of accommodating wherever possible.

5.         CLOVES

Cloves, a specialist for toothache and stomach pain. Antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic are the elements this lovely spice carry, apart from its richness in mineral, fatty acid, fiber, and vitamins. Its product the Clove Oil is magic for pains, aches, and for various disorders, either served alone or mixed.

6.         BLACK PEPPER

Though Black Pepper is tiny in size, it is called the King of Spices due to its rich habits and benefits. It can stimulate weight loss, raise your metabolism, support to ease cold and cough, boost your digestion, and medicate skin problems. For me, this is an all-rounder among spices, a taste for your bud and mate for your health.

7.         CURRY LEAVES

This is an herb but one most powerful spice when used as powder. This herb is mostly used in Asian Region for its unique flavor and high aromatic. This simple leaf contains the most curing agents for many diseases. To name a few benefits; lowers the risk factor for heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease could be protected, anticancer effect, control blood sugar, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory supporter, contains antibacterial properties. What more to ask, if not used before your next dish should.



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