July 30, 2021
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Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World.

Sports can be an incredible source of entertainment and a great way of providing physical health, as well as mental health. While some people engage in sports just as a recreational and leisure activity, many people take it to a professional level. Almost all physical sports include some degree of risk involved. There are some sports which are extremely dangerous and where they can be called fatal.

Here are the top-ranked dangerous sports in the world, some of which you may have never thought of.

1.         BASE Jumping

militray men sky diving

Have you ever thought of jumping off a building or a helicopter? Obviously, not. Well, you may have seen people throw themselves from skyscrapers and helicopters with parachutes and it appears to be thrilling, but certainly, it’s not. The sport is called BASE jumping which acronyms stand for Buildings, Antennas, Span, and Earth, simply, everything higher enough for a parachute to be fully deployed before hitting the ground.

With a record of the highest number of deaths within the shortest time period, the list of fatalities is growing larger and larger with each year passing by. The highest base jump recorded so far is to be from Mount Everest with a height of 7220m by Valery Rozov setting a new world record for the highest base jump in the world.

2.         Mountain Climbing

sportive female mountaineer ascending on stony cliff on sunny day

Mountain climbing is considered one of the most dangerous and adventurous sports in the world. Every element of mountaineering is thrilling and risky for one’s life. Every climber must have an enthusiasm to engage in this adventurous activity as well as be endowed with tremendous physical health, courage, a high degree of tolerance, and even a good mental capacity.

Climbers face a variety of challenges; like unexpected climatic changes, some may lose the path, falling rocks and even falling down from rocks and ice slopes. The different physical injuries include fractured bones, strained muscles, and ankles, ripped ligaments, or concussions.

3.         Boxing

action adult athletes battle

Boxing is a contact sport where the player’s target is to hit the opponent. It is estimated that 90% of those who choose boxing as their career suffers from severe brain damages during the course and they are prone to neural diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease later in their life.

4.         Running of the Bulls

Running of the bulls which is a part of the annual festival of San Fermin is an event which takes place on the 7th of July every year in Pamplona, Spain where six or more bulls are released to run through the streets of the city, from where they were bred to the Bullring, to the place they are slaughtered.

The participating runners jump in the middle of the runway and run in front of the herd as an act of encouraging the bulls towards the bullring. Each year around 50-100 people are injured mostly due to goring, suffocation, and falling and piling up. Some injuries ended up being fatal.

5.         Jallikattu

Jallikattu is a traditional game which is played in Tamil Nadu, India, during the season of harvest festival Pongal. In a nutshell, an enraged bull is released to an open field and the participants have to subdue the animal within a specific time by holding it by its large hump on the back or sometimes by the horns and tail, to win this game. It is said, the sport is dangerous to both the animal and human.

It is recorded that around 200 people are injured over the past two decades and currently the sport is banned from the country due to the protests activists against animal cruelty.

6.         Bull Riding

Similar to Jallikattu, Bull Riding also involves a raging bull where the rider has to stay on top of the bull as long as possible while the beast tries to buck the rider off its back. It has been considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world due to the injuries to the head, neck, and frequently occurred concussions.

7.         Gymnastics

photo of male gymnast practicing on gymnastic rings

Gymnastics also falls under the category of dangerous sports though it looks so impressive to watch. It is a sport where balance, flexibility, strength, and control are tested. Wrist fractures, ankle fractures, cartilage damages, and damages to the spinal cord resulting in lifetime paralysis are some common injuries involved in this sport.

8.         Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a recreational sport that is popular among people all around the world. The word ‘SCUBA’ stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus which is used by the divers to facilitate breathing while they are experiencing the beauty of marine life.

Despite the fact that it sounds wonderful and thrilling, the sport is dangerous mostly because of the changes in pressure. These changes could potentially damage your brain, block your blood vessels, rupture a lung or eardrums, or even damage your spinal code.

9.         Heli-Skiing

Heli-skiing is one of the most adrenaline-fuelled adventurous activities because it includes jumping off a helicopter although it makes a secure landing, and descending down the powdery snow of steep mountains. The sport is quite risky because the athlete may have to face the avalanche risk most of the time. Plus, it may cause strained muscles and twisted bones if the athlete is not careful.

    10. Cheerleading

man people sport motion

Yes, you read it right. Cheerleading is also considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world, mainly because they throw their members in the air to create human pyramids. Although these acts encourage the teams and uplift their morale, it is highly risky because of the catastrophic injuries, concussions, and ligament strains.

Ranking sports on the basis of danger is not easy because there are so many other sports which include a certain degree of risk, but, taking necessary protective measures will certainly save your life.



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