July 30, 2021
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Tea And Health A Strong Combination With Prosperous Benefits

The Hidden Health Benefits of Tea

For thousands of centuries people all over the world have been guzzling tea for righteous reasons, knowingly or unknowingly that It helps to boost health. Several studies were conducted and found that different categories of tea may hoist the immune system, repel inflammation, avert cancer, and heart disease.

Now let me share some of the significant hidden benefits behind this popular and versatile drink Tea. Go keep the kettle on, you will be inspired for a cup.

White Tea

This is supposed to be the least refined tea variety and researchers say White Tea effectively fights various forms of Cancer. Further, its fluoride content is good for teeth, fight plaque, and resist well for acid and sugar. If you want to refrain or limit the usage of caffeine then White Tea is a smart choice since it carries a minimal amount of caffeine.

Herbal Tea

This is blended with the assistance of herbs, spices, fruits, or even other plants. There are numerous kinds of herbal teas and they have their unique welfare. Please find below.


This is a stress reliever, relaxes and improves your sleep and minimize menstrual pain and musclecramps.


Lowers bad cholesterol but promotes good cholesterol, will betterment your blood pleasure and circulation, your skin, and hair will get strong and healthy and calm your allergies.


The menthol content in this will ease a perturb stomach and cure constipation, IBS, and motion Illness. Don’t be surprised when this variety offers relief for migraines and headaches created by tension.


Morning sickness and joint pains caused by osteoarthritis will be handled with care by fighting back. Chronic indigestion too can be treated is what the experts say.


This magical variety reduces the fat levels and blood pressure, even the liver health gets upgraded. Studies say Hibiscus may be an element to fend off the development of kidney stones.

Green Tea – For the most feared cancers like liver, breast, prostate, and colorectal the researchers have found that Green Tea provides a possible impact, also they define this variety is better for skin to clear and skin glowing. 

Black Tea – Unlike other varieties, Black Tea is Caffeinated so you should monitor your intake. It is for sure you will the benefit with a cup of Black Tea you do pour, supported by flavonoids to fight against inflammation and supports your immune function to be healthy.

Oolong Tea – Scientists has found that an amino acid L-theanine can avert diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and fortunate enough Oolong Tea contains amino acid which is a very notable characteristic. Few other attributes of this variety are, cap able to decrease the risk of diabetic type two, cancer prevention and lowering inflammation.

Hope by now you have started to sip a cup of TEA…….

Yes, this inevitable beverage is extraordinary, it does not need a season that can be served hot or cold. Beyond refreshment Its benefits are far above, so daily a cup or two of tea will keep your healthy lifestyle in great shape.

Let me end this page with a quote “EACH CUP OF TEA REPRESENTS AN IMAGINARY VOYAGE” – Chatherine Douzel           




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