July 30, 2021

Unexplained Natural Phenomena on Earth

The world is full of mysteries and bizarre incidents. Most of which are natural and nature always leave experts and scientists in doubt as to how and why things happen the way they do. Though there are some theories and concepts trying to explain these incidents none of them are confirmed. Here are some of those strange occurrings that will make you feel they are just too otherworldly to be real.

01.Bermuda Triangle.

image : oceanservice.noaa.gov

The Bermuda triangle is one of the most mysterious places you could have ever heard. The vaguely triangular area, which is also known as the devil’s triangle, covers an area of 440,000 miles of the North Atlantic ocean. This region happens to be a busy route of many ships and aircrafts which travel to Europe, America and Caribbean islands. Over the centuries, many ships and airplanes have been reported missing in this region. Some people believe it’s some kind of a paranomal activity or aliens involved in these disappearances, but more scientific and rational theories suggest it could be a powerful electromagnetic field which managed to redirect the compasses of the vessels.

However some experts claim that the mystery of Bermuda triangle is all made-up, and the disappearances took place in this region is not considerably greater than the other disappearances happened in any other part of the ocean. They further suggest that these ship wrecks and plane crashes or disappearances are not impossible to happen in a region where tropical cyclones are frequent. Some even say that the numbers are exaggerated and some vessels that’s been said went missing were actually did not. Therefore they claim that this whole scenario is just a manufactured misconception.

02. Nazca lines.

image : history.com

Nazca lines are a set of geoglyphs made on the grounds of Nazca desert in Peru. They were drawn 2000 years ago by the people of Nazca culture. The drawings include geometric shapes like triangles, rectangles, spirals and straight lines and some images resemble the figures of animals like spiders, birds, monkeys and various kinds of plants. Most of these lines cannot be seen from the ground level because some images stretches upto 1200ft in length. All the pictures here are drawn using single continuous lines and they were cut deep for about 5,6 inches. 

There are 300 geometric shapes, 800 lines and 70 figures of animals and plants altogether. The purpose of these lines are still a mystery. Some believe they represent constellations and some believe they are made to be seen from sky by the gods as a part of the Nazca people’s religious practice. Another hypothesis suggests of an involvement of aliens. However no accurate explanation has been found as to why people created these huge images on ground.

03. Sailing stones.

image : sciencefocus.com

Sailing stones of Death Valley, which is located in California is a mystery that puzzled many scientists. These stones which are about 6-18 inches in diameter move across the cracked soil of a dried lake bed named Racetrack Playa, leaving a trail behind. No one has ever seen them moving maybe beacuse they move at a very slow speed. However stones moving by themselves was an impossible phenomenon in many people’s eyes.

There were theories about various kinds of magnetic and other power fields while some believed it could be something regarding alien activities. However the currently accepted theory is that the large, thin sheets of ice that created in winter nights, float in an temporary pond, then break up on hot afternoons and are driven by the wind shoving these stones at a very slow speed.

04. St.Ignace Mystery Spot.

A mystery spot is usually a place where gravity behaves differently. One of them is the mystery spot at St.Ignace in Michigan. It’s a huge tourist attraction. People can experience visual contradictions and queezy, strange physical sensations as the gravity here makes visual illusions and make tall people appear shorter and vice versa. People can stand in a tilted position without falling down and things roll ‘up’ not down in this place. The question as to why the gravity behaves like this in this certain spot, which is about 300 ft in diameter, is still a mystery. 

05. Angel hair.

Angel hair is a sticky, fiber like substance which is similar to spider webs seen after UFO sightings. They seem to evaporate within a short time after forming. Ufologists suggest it could be the ionized air sleeting off the electromagnetic fields surrounding an alien object(UFO) or the excess amount of energy converted into matter. The sightings of angel hair fallings have been reported from around the world but some of them were proved to be actual cobwebs and some were found to be vegetable products, not animal.



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