July 30, 2021

The Mysteries And Conspiracies Surrounding The Assassination of John F Kennedy

The 35th US president John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He was shot while traveling in a motorcade, in an open-top limousine with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy and the governor of Texas,  John Bowden Connally.  He was shot around 12.30 pm that day and shortly after, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested but was never tried for murder as he was shot and killed while being transferred, by a Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby. Subsequent to the death of Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson took office 99 minutes later. He took oaths aboard Air Force One which was also carrying Kennedy’s body on the return trip to Washington.

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“The presidential commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy”, which is unofficially known as “Warren Commission” was established by President Lyndon  B.Johnson on 29th of November 1963. According to the Warren Commission reports, Oswald was the only person responsible for President Kennedy’s assassination. Despite those official reports,  so many conspiracy theories and mysteries rose up regarding this incident.

Was the shooting an act of an individual or were there others behind it?

  Despite the conclusions of the Warren Commission, many Americans thought the assassination was a conspiracy. Former CIA agent E. Howard Hunt gave evidence saying that Johnson ordered CIA agents to kill Kennedy, supporting the theory of many Americans. However, 42 groups, 214 individuals, and 82 assassins were accused of various conspiracy theories regarding the incident. These include the CIA, Cuban prime minister Fidel Castro, the KGB, L.B Johnson and so much more.

  According to the later discoveries, 3 shots were fired from the Texas School Book Depository within 7 seconds. People claimed it was impossible for Oswald to fire 3 shots so accurately in such a short time period with a 6.5mm Italian Carbine rifle which he had bought for $19.95. Therefore it was believed that multiple gunmen were involved in the assassination.

   Another reason to believe the theory of multiple gunmen was the way both Kennedy and Connally were hit by the same bullet. According to the Warren Commission reports, Oswald’s first bullet hit JFK in the back, went through his body, and hit Governor Connally, who was sitting in front of Kennedy, in the chest and wrist. The question “could a single 6.5mm copper bullet have hit two people at the same time?” had been in the minds of the public and they believed there’s no way the bullet could have done the so-called damage without changing its direction in the midair. In addition, both men were hit exactly at the same time and Oswald couldn’t have fired two shots in such short time to hit both or to fire a second fatal shot that hit and killed Kennedy seconds later. Therefore they believed Oswald had help from a second gunman from a different angle.

Suppression of evidence and burning of the autopsy report

  Some researchers alleged that the Warren Commission ignored the witness statements indicating a conspiracy. As per the allegations, the commission had ignored 7 eyewitnesses who said they saw smoke around the area of the grassy knoll and an 8th witness who had smelled gunpowder at the time of the assassination. It was said that the commission deliberately ignored the evidence that indicated a second shooter. 

   In 1922 Congress established a review board to go through records related to Kennedy’s assassination hoping to release them to the public. T.Jeremy Gunn, the board’s general counsel once deposed Dr.James Joseph Hughes, who performed an autopsy on Kennedy’s body. Dr.Hughes had burned his original handwritten autopsy because the notes had blood stains on them. Other doctors’ reports weren’t burned and although Hughes asserted that he made a new copy with the exact same information, Kennedy’s autopsy has long been questioned on its conclusions.

Image : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy_assassination_conspiracy_theories

Who is Babushka Lady?

Babushka lady is an unknown woman present at the assassination site. Her nickname was given after the headscarf she wore which was usually worn by older Russian women. Babushka lady was seen holding a camera and therefore the authority suspected she might have recorded the whole event. But despite many attempts, she was never identified. Although some women claimed they were the Babushka lady later, it was never confirmed and the identity of the lady who was at Dallas on that day still remains a mystery.

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