September 23, 2021

Vaccine For COVID-19 Ready? When Can We Get The Vaccine?

Update of Coronavirus Vaccine as of Now

Coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of people all around the world. It is not just another virus. It is creating a major impact on the economies of countries and livelihoods of people. Even if most of the people take appropriate steps to control the spread of the virus, we can still see how the virus is spreading all around the world. Even full lockdowns are not a practical solution to control the spread. Hence, the only hope we have is the Coronavirus Vaccine.

We could see news popping up about the Coronavirus Vaccine from time to time. However, we didn’t see any of the Coronavirus Vaccines getting released for the public to try. Hence, it is worthy to take a look at the facts and get to know about the progress.

Updates on Coronavirus Vaccine

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As of now, around 240 different vaccines for the COVID-19 virus are being developed all around the world. Around 40 different clinical trials have taken place as of now. Out of them, 9 vaccines are in the final stage of testing. Thousands of people have already been injected with the virus and we are about to find out the results.

United Kingdom

A research team from Oxford University developed a vaccine, which is in a position to trigger an immune response to the virus. They have signed a deal with AstraZeneca to deliver 100 million doses within the United Kingdom.

United States

The very first human trial data with related to the Coronavirus Vaccine was obtained back in the month of May. This research was completed with the participation of 8 patients within the United States. The research was successfully and the patients who were affected with the virus were able to produce antibodies, which are in a position to neutralize the activity of the virus.


As of now, we can also see how numerous trials are being done to develop immune response to the virus. In the meantime, a research time from China was able to make another vaccine, which can contribute towards the successful production of antibodies. As of now, this vaccine is available for Chinese military.


Researchers and medical professionals from Singapore are also looking forward to develop their own vaccine and release by the year 2021.

When can we get the vaccine?

As you can see, numerous initiatives are taking place for the development of the Coronavirus Vaccine. However, the most important question you have is when we will be able to get the vaccine.

Developing a vaccine and testing it is never an easy thing to do. It would usually take years or even decades. Researchers are working hard to develop such a vaccine and they have achieved outstanding progress within few months. However, they still have a long way to go, before they can release a vaccine, which the general public will be able to use.

Is ready in 2021 ?

Most of the experts predict that we will be able to see a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus by mid-2021. If that happens, the vaccine for this virus would be available after 18 months of discovering it. We cannot yet keep trust in this. However, scientists believe that it may be possible for them to vaccinate at least few healthcare workers before the end of this year.

Stay safe until the Coronavirus Vaccine gets released

Since we still have a long way to go until the Coronavirus vaccine is released, you should be mindful about your safety. Wear a face mask and maintain social distancing at all times. Make sure that you wash your hands on a regular basis and try your best to stay away from getting infected with the virus or infecting other people with the virus.



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