September 23, 2021

Is Dementia Affects Only Among Elders?

Dementia accounted for 10 million new cases every year. It can commonly be seen among elders even if it’s not a part ageing.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a mental health condition which results in memory loss, communication difficulties, certain behavioural patterns and performance of day today activities.

  • Memory Loss

People with dementia are experiencing short term memory loss. Most of them are forgetful of certain things that just happened, work, incidents and even people and places.

  • Communication Difficulties

Dementia can also impact on the communication ability of a person. They find them self-repeating words and phrases and find it difficult for suitable words. Their hearing and reading ability also can be affected with progressive with this condition.

  • Changes in Behavioural pattern

Repetition of same work, restlessness, disturbance in sleeping, wandering is some of changes in behavioral pattern experienced by people with dementia.

  • Performance in day today activity

Another change in behavior of dementia patients is less active or slower than usual while engaged in day today activities and the way of behavior also can take changes due to incapability of thinking  faster like other days.

These are the most notable behavior changes of dementia.

What are the causes?

Parkinson Disease

Parkinson patients have 50% to 80% chance of getting dementia with the progress of sickness 

Alzheimer’s Disease

Patients are more likely to experience dementia.

Thyroxine Level

 Decrease in thyroxine level can lead to dementia.

Other Reasons

Migraine and lack of vitamin E 12 are some others which cause this condition.

Who are mostly likely to affect?

Usually people above the age of 65 have a 5% chance and chances of being a dementia patient  increase to 10% if a person is above 75 years. 40% of chances are 80 to 85 years old to become a dementia patient

What can we do?

Engaged in volunteer programs, physical fitness activities, meditational programs are some effective methods to avoid being a dementia patient.

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