September 23, 2021

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy?

How to care for beautiful hair

As it says having a beautiful hair is best accessory ones can Have. Even it is normal to shed 50 to 100 around of hair on daily people experience excess amount of hair fall. Today this condition is very common among both men and women. If it is in men it’s called men pattern hair fall whereas in women its women pattern hair fall. But reasons behind the hair fall are very common for the both. What are these reason? Let’s have a look,

Hereditary Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss is genetically condition. Around 40% of men and women experience this condition. This natural condition which passes through generation. It’s more likely to get if someone from family already experiencing hereditary hair loss.


Depression is one of main reason for many health issues also can affect to the excess hair fall. Stress can stimulate the cortisol hormone level resulting reducing the blood supply provided to skin and hair. Stress is something we deal with daily basis as in work stress, study etc. so it’s important to maintain good mental health and engage in activity which can help relax.


Vitamins and other micro nutrients are essential for healthy hair. Sometimes this nutrients are tends to destroy when they cook. Hence it’s important to maintain healthy dietary practice.


Hair fall can happen as the result of long term medication. Some drugs interfere with normal cycle of hair growth and result in hair fall. But as soon as stop taking such drug it comes back to normal.

Hair Treatments

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Use of chemical treatments such as hair coloring, perm, relax also can be reason for hair fall as such chemicals damage the hair in long term.

These are some of main reason for hair fall. Other than this scalp infections, scarring alopecia, age and styling practice also can cause hair fall.

Test to check Vitamin deficiency

Mineral & Heavy Metals Analysis Test is use to identify the Vitamin deficiency. Then doctors can identify the Vitamin deficiency.

Having healthy dietary practice and including raw vegetables enrich with vitamins and iron much often. Taking oil treatments, maintaining good hygiene also can help nourish the hair.

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