September 23, 2021
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Can We Survive Without A Mobile Phone?

Can we survive without a mobile phone? People may have different opinions regarding mobile phones. Some may say that yes we can survive without mobile phones whereas some might say no it’s hard be without phones. Others  may even feel hard to answer it. 


According to surveys conducted by different organizations and research groups, the majority of people have said it’s hard to stay a day without using mobile phones.  

Today mobile phones are something that we don’t leave our home without. Yes, mobile phones are something helpful in an emergency situation but most of the people find more addiction beyond its primary need.

Technology Changes

Every week or so companies launch new mobiles into the markets with more advanced features, technologies even designs and colour etc. people have a tendency to change into new one whenever they could afford. For some people it’s a new tech toy and for the love for the technology they purchase whereas some people see owning a newest in the market is a way of showing their status. 


Multi Options

Most of the mobile phones have the features such as Camera, Web Browsing, Social media and Other applications. In Fact people started to rely on mobile phones even for less significant things. For instance people developed more obsession with social media most of them scroll down on pages checking out others profile, makes unnecessary influence on one’s life, sharing every single details on social media platforms etc. We browse insignificant things through the phone, Spend every free minute playing games via phones. All these things can make you intact to the phone, eventually to addiction. Of Course  we want a phone to reach out to others. Instead of using it for betterment we misuse it, even our time is wasted upon that. And all these addictions are strong enough to make us feel that We can not live without phones. And these addictions can make a negative impact on relationships and health also. Such as,

multiethnic family spending time together on couch with gadgets
Bad habit and addiction

  • We spend every minute we can spare to connect with through social media but at the same we don’t see how important it is to communicate with the person who sits next to us.
  • Time we waste on playing which we can use some more productive way
  • Our addiction can make a bad example for the youngsters in the family. 
  • Researchers have found phone frequencies can affect brain cells.
  • Excessive use of mobile phone can interrupt your daily works
  • When we have too much screen time it can cause weakening your eyesight.

It’s not wrong to say that we want the phone as it helps keep up the connection with people who are far away. At the same time we should not make it more significant than it is and too much time to it. So actually we can live without the phone as long as we don’t feel needy and keep it in minimum. 



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