July 30, 2021
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Why Do People Yell, Cry, Silence, Or Get Violence When They Are Angry.

Behaviour is a way of responding or conducts oneself towards the situation, incident, or another person. It says that a lot can reveal the personality of the person from the way they behave themselves. The behavior can be triggered in different ways under different circumstances. For instance, emotions Can make a huge influence on behavior changes. There are 6 basic emotions such as fear, joy, sadness, disgust, anger, and surprise. Among these, anger is one powerful emotion that can make a negative impact on the situation. People use different ways to express their anger to other persons. Most people yell or shout even cry to express their feeling. Some may choose to keep it silent or may get violent too.

Why do people yell when they are angry?

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Yelling is a very common way of interpreting the anger, shows more dominance over the situation, and verbal aggression of communication. The reason people use this way to express anger because they feel that their feelings and opinion did not reached or grasp by the other party, even ignored or misunderstood by the recipient. By yelling they try to justify, stand by their opinion. At that point, this may give me a sense of relief but mostly make me feel guilty, unhappy, and regret later on. yelling can makes an adverse effect on the relationship as others might feel offended, disrespectful, and so on. Many see this behavior is an immature response towards the anger but there is a slight chance of being themselves the victim of such behavior. In their point of view that is the way should express their feeling.

Why do people cry when they are angry?

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We often see people crying when feeling happy, sad, hurt and even when get angry. Its mostly because when feels the anger and if there is no other way to release the intense pressure we feel inside, we tend to let our feeling flow with tears along with the pain, frustration, disappointment which caused the anger. Crying is a much better way to express anger than a destructive way of yelling. In fact, researchers have found that crying is an effective method of dealing with intense emotions and stress.

Why do people silence when they are angry?

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Most of the time we chose to remain silent even when we are extremely angry because we think the other person may get hurt from our quick response. Instead, we wait for an appropriate moment to communicate. At that point, silence makes the best way to cope and a sensible approach to the situation. But its also important to make effort to communicate with other people or someone as silence also can affect negatively the relationship. Those who chose to maintain silence in such situations tend to distance themselves unable to release their intense feeling inside.

Why do people get violent when they are angry?

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Violence is an extremely aggressive behavior which something should avoid. Smashing things around, Hurts themselves, get into the fights are the most common violent behavior. There could be more such behavior which can cause more damage though it entirely depends on the degree of anger and situations. This happens mostly due to a lack of control over the emotion. Such behavior could lead to something more regretful for the rest of your life.

Above are most of the ways people react when coping with anger. it has its own drawbacks for instance shouting and violence can cost a relationship with a person or can make the situation even worst and so on. Instead of quick response take time and communicate with the person to speak how you really felt in certain situations.

Anger is a natural basic emotion a person experience. Even we can not stop feeling that way with the right practice we can learn how to control the anger. Its always about how we interpret and how we choose to behave in such a situation

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