February 24, 2021

If You See These Signs in Dreams, A Bad Will Happens To You

  • Seeing the clouds causes fear of disease, fear of death, death
  • Seeing a fall into a well will lead to sick.
  • Seeing children fighting causes family – conflicts.
  • Seeing school children disappoints.
  • Seeing children dancing can be frustrating in life
  • Wealth loss and humiliation are heard from seeing a maid.
  • Seeing an ugly woman causes positive damage,
  • Seeing an old woman brings an unfortunate time.

Seeing a queen increases pride.

Seeing a drama catches the deception.

Seeing women smile is a tragedy for a close relative.

A family member gets sick from seeing crying women.

In your Dream, It is a tragedy to see a woman in an accident.

Seeing a woman commit suicide is damaged by a hostile conspiracy.

Seeing a park full of wildlife makes you poor.

Seeing a garden withered with trees leads to extreme poverty.

Avoiding receiving cash as a gift is a hindrance to day-to-day activities.

Sick of seeing clothes received as gifts.

It is disappointing to see jewelry received as a gift.

Seeing a gold or silver gift is a loss to a friend.

Seeing yellow flowers causes diseases.

It is very unfortunate to see a dove flower,

Seeing a doctor can be debilitating.

Seeing a lawyer can cause unexpected problems.



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