July 30, 2021

COVID-19 , How to Manage Unemployment Situation for Locals in Singapore.

From richer country to poorest has adversely affected from current global COVID-19 pandemic. While whole nations together trying to find cure for the disease, it make huge impact on social and economy of the world. Individual country made their own strategies to face this current situation and still struggling with down fall of economy. This cause due to lockdown and most of the countries still haven’t open to international which effect tourism industry and many more. Which also resulted to lose job for Many people and many local business were shut down permanently and temporary in Singapore.

Recently Singapore officials addressed the parliament of Singapore about how and what are the options they can take into the consideration regarding growing unemployment situation in Singapore.

These are the key areas pointed by officials,

1. Essential Services.

Essential services likes cleaners and construction workers Singapore is mostly relied on foreign workers. If they can reduce the hiring foreign workers the government can create job opportunities for the locals. Major issue they face in unwillingness of Singaporeans to engage in such jobs. The government sees the recent development in construction sector which involved adaptation of new technology, digitalizing etc to attract the local people to the essential services. By creating jobs like project managers, quality assurance personal , designers etc which also provide high income to worker and less site work.

2. Popular and In demand jobs

Many foreigners are working as professionals such as engineers, IT professionals etc. Due to the current situation government request from the local companies to favour Singaporean over the foreigners while hiring. To encourage the employers government open the incentive for the employers such as scheme, jobs growth incentives, skills future enterprise credit and career conversion program. And government urge local businesses to retain local employees over the foreign employees during this crisis. Since it will strengthen faith in local workforce towards employers and may employers will beneficial in the future when they required support from local community.

3. Global and Regional Jobs

This is last factor taken in to consideration. Government appreciate local employers contribution toward train and groom local talents so that they can get more job opportunities and exposure to international job market.



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