July 30, 2021

For TV Series Lovers – few Interesting TV Series that was very Famous in Recent Times

  1. Altered Carbon

By the time the future of this TV series speaks, man has conquered death. That is, people have discovered a way to store the “essence” that defines the person they say, such as their feelings, memories, and knowledge, on a memory chip and store it in the body. Then, when a person dies, he can transfer himself to another body. That means this system can be immortal.

After all, the world’s greatest tycoon dies in one body. So he chooses to find a special prisoner who is responsible for the death of his body. However, this soldier finds more than one secret. Many secrets about this future world as well as about themselves are gradually being revealed, much to the astonishment of the viewer.

2. Westworld

People have their own fantasies. Needless to say, not all of those fantasies are achievable. The reason may be that some of those fantasies are illegal or immoral. But what if people were able to satisfy their own fantasies without breaking the rules of law or morality? what are you doing ? The West World TV series talks about a theme park that allows you to pay for any of your fantasies. Created on the model of that old wild wild west America, this theme park is home to androids who have the ability to think, which is similar in all respects to human beings.

But if these Androids really feel like human beings and have the same thoughts and desires, is it moral that they continue to be unimportant objects in a theme park?

3. The Expanse

Two hundred years later the future solar system is completely uninhabited. The asteroid belt also has these settlements. There are. The task of a police inspector here is to find a missing woman. Meanwhile, an ice-carrying spacecraft is suddenly attacked. It is believed to have been fired from the Mars Federation. While the viewer suspects that all these events are interrelated, the unsettled feelings between the Martian federation, Earth and the asteroid region settlements are beginning to intensify. Would not the conspiracy to unite these different events really threaten the whole of humanity?

This is a great space hero story that came after a while.

4. The Man in the High Castle

No doubt you are aware of the history of the world in which we live. If you live in the coming timeline of this TV series you will soon realize that the Allied forces have been defeated in World War II. Germany and Japan have won World War II, and they now rule the world together, especially the United States.

However, through a video of a woman living in a world where ordinary people have been oppressed by this repressive regime, she soon realizes that there is another timeline in which history is lined up differently than the timeline in which she lives. Are they the keys to overthrowing the Nazi regime that rules the world?

5. Manifest

The Montego 828 lands at the airport without any trouble except for a brief inconvenience in the sky. However, everyone, including the passengers on the plane arriving at the airport, soon realizes that something has gone terribly wrong. They had been in the air for hours, but the world was five years old by then. They have been missing from the eyes of the world for five years. After returning to the world in five years, their personal lives and the lives of their loved ones as well as their social and official lives become chaotic. Some things get better, while others get worse.

However, they soon realize that there is a deeper mystery in the five years they have lost than just messing up their lives!

6. Black Mirror

Have you ever wondered for a moment what the world we will live in in the future will be like? What dangers will we face with technology that will gradually surpass even human imagination? Will our humanity survive in such a future world? Will almost every widescreen TV, smartphone, or computer screen be a mirror that reflects the gloomy interior of man and human society? Black Mirror has been airing various futuristic themes, one episode at a time, since 2011.

Black Mirror, which creates a darker background of modern technology and humanity, will be a wonderful experience for a science fiction lover, but will also leave something deep to think about.

7. The Handmaid’s Tale

Have you ever heard of an empire called Gilead? In fact, the present-day United States is ruled by a religious dictator, renamed Gilead. The women of this empire are second-class citizens, and any woman or man who tries to escape from this oppressive state will be severely punished. The punishment for June, a woman who tried to flee with her child and husband, was to leave her family and become a servant in the inner city. Her duty is to produce the children of the high officials of this religious government. This is her story.

8. Star Trek: Discovery

It tells the story of the Star Trek series and the Enterprise spacecraft you are familiar with, ten years ago, to characters like Kirk and Spock. It revolves around the Discovery spacecraft searching for new worlds and a brilliant officer accused of helping the Klingons start a war. This fierce war will shatter the Earth-based constellation, and the only hope for mankind’s survival will be a Discovery spacecraft equipped with new propulsion technology.

The series, which has been airing since year 2018, marks a new turning point this year, adding a parallel universe and a series of adventures that the Discovery spacecraft and crew will face there.



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