July 30, 2021

By Eating These Foods You Can Protect your Liver – Especially for Drinkers

The liver is an organ that plays a very special role in our bodies. Its important function is to produce protein, cholesterol, and bile, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body, as well as to store nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. But due to the current lifestyle as well as bad habits we unknowingly damage it ourselves.

Here we will present best 10 foods that can help cleanse the liver and make its functions easier.

1. Garlic

Garlic contains an enzyme that can dissolve toxins accumulated in the liver. Also, the allicin contained here cleanses the stomach. Due to the selenium element, it contains, not only the stomach but also other organs function properly. Another activity of selenium is that it acts as an antibiotic for cancer cells. Therefore, adding more garlic to your diet, which is a high source of selenium, can help you live a healthier life.

2. Green tea

Although green tea has been popular as a stomach-reducing drink in recent times, its health quality remains high. The polyphenols in it not only have a taste but also have the ability to dissolve the chemical that is toxic to the liver without being deposited.

3. Oats

Frequent consumption of Oats helps in controlling the bad cholesterol in the body. In addition, it has been shown experimentally to reduce the amount of fat in the liver due to the beta-glucan compound it contains. Therefore, doctors are of the opinion that oats should be eaten regularly for people suffering from diseases such as cholesterol.

4. Olive Oil

The olive oil, which is widely used in the Middle East, has many health benefits. The main reason for this is the oleic fatty acid, a key ingredient in olive oil, which is high in unsaturated fats, which help to improve the health of liver cells and enhance their function. Also, adding olive oil after cooking gives better results because its ingredients are destroyed under high heat.

5. Grapes

Grapes are very rich food in terms of antioxidant properties. In doing so, the trans fat in the meat can damage the cells of the stomach. Therefore, the antioxidant properties of grapes are very important. Grape seeds have the same properties, so eating grapes with nuts gives good results.

6. Beetroot

Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 Iron-rich Beetroot is a very healthy food for our liver. Beetroot juice stimulates the production of the stomach’s natural antioxidant enzyme and is effective in filtering toxins. Drinking beetroot regularly can maintain a very healthy liver.

7. Broccoli

Numerous studies have shown that regular consumption of broccoli reduces the accumulation of toxins in the liver, kidneys, and other organs.

8. Lemon

Prolonged alcohol consumption can be very harmful to the liver. According to Chinese researchers, adding concentrated lemon juice to a diet can significantly reduce the risk of damage to stomach cells. Also, the acid combinations in lemons help to break down alcohol. Another feature is that lemon is rich in vitamin C, making it a very good antioxidant.

9. Avocado

Frequent consumption of avocado can prevent many stomach related diseases. One avocado can be obtained by eating as it contains many vitamins and minerals which are essential for the cell function of the liver. Due to its low lysine value, it also provides relief to the liver.

10. Linna fish ( Fish contain Omega 3)

Omega 3 helps to control the accumulation of excess bile by activating the toxins in the liver. Frequent addition of omega 3 rich Linna fish can provide more protein.

Adding one or more of the above foods to your daily diet can keep the liver very healthy.



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