July 30, 2021

Six Best Free Video Editing Software

01 Short Cut

The shortcut is something similar to the OpenShot. Looks a bit similar, Shortcuts have some more advanced features than OpenShot. There are also many YouTube and other tutorials on learning how to work with Shortcuts. YouTube video tutorials are very useful for learning Shortcut in a short time and easily.  Shortcuts are at the forefront of video editors available for free download on the Internet.

02 iMovie

Apple is an important and popular Operating Systems. It is a universal fact that Apple supports graphic work. iMovie is only for Apple users. For a while, there was a small software called Movie Maker in Windows. But then it stopped. Windows Movie Maker just like the iMovie on Apple iPads, Apple iPhones, and even bigger computers with iOS.  iMovie is a powerful software that can do all the work you need to do, even if you don’t have a lot of great features. But these are not for Linux users and Windows users.

03 OpenShot

OpenShot is a very simple editor. OpenShot can be installed on Linux, Windows as well as Mac. Once installed and opened, you will see the tracks and lists. It is very easy in Open Shots to select the photos and videos that we want to edit and cut, create, speed, and slow down in order. No need to pay for other plugins. Open Shot is completely free. The big disadvantage of this software is that it sometimes crashes. Also, the audio features are a bit lacking.

04 Go Pro Quick

Go Pro Quick is an app for phones. An application for Windows machines. You can use Go Pro Quick whether you use a Go Pro or not. The Go Pro Quick mobile app also automatically generates two minute video clips automatically. Go Pro Quick is a free application that can be used to edit videos in Go Pro.

05 HitFilms Express

We need to buy software Hitfilm. But Hitfilm Express is free. Even at Hitfilm Express, we have to pay a few dollars for some features. If we want some great features, we have to pay for them too. But if you check on YouTube most experts said that the free Hitfilm Express was relatively good for video making.

06 Davinci resolve Compared to the Open Shots we talked about earlier, Da Vinci Resolve is a super product with a few tough features. Making a video appealing is a bit of a difficult game to do at first. So if you want to get used to a little big work, Da Vinci Resolve is a supper product.



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