July 30, 2021
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20 Good Things to see in your Dreams and Meanings of the Dreams

Have your ever-seen following things in your dreams. Do not worry you are lucky and fortunate to see them. See the outcome of these dreams.

01 A lot trees with bloomed full of flowers – You will gain a lot of asset and you will be more cheerful.

02 Gems and Jewelry – You will gain a lot of assets.  

03 Mist – You will be happy and gain money.

04 Bees and insects – You will gain prosperity in your life.

05 Guru or like religious monks or leaders – You will be happy and gain gold

06 Yellow colour Fruits and Trees with yellow colour Fruits – You will gain a lot Money and assets.

07 Eating delicious meals – You will win lottery or will happens something you happy.

08 Ruins – You will be lucky and will some something happy and wealthy.

09 Old religious place / temple – You will be promoted in your position and you will be famous.

10 Bleeding on your body – You will be happy and you will win lottery or you will be given valuable gift.



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