July 30, 2021

Six Packs in Three Months – Small Tips for Work out and Diet plan

What legends do to get Six packs in three months. Everyone is capable and can archive if you follow these simple five exercises and eat responsibly.

1 – Do the exercises daily.

There are five core exercises that the legendary martial artist and philosophers considered. Doing this repeatedly will give you a better result in short time.

  • Advanced Sit Ups
  • Advance Leg Raises
  • Core Twist
  • Advance Frog Legs
  • Side Bends

2- Drinks and Foods.

You must be careful when you selecting your foods and drinks. Specially with very busy life  schedules we always used to eat cooked foods available in the market. But you must carefully select low calorie foods and drinks.

  • Drinks more water is highly recommended
  • Do not drink soft drink contain sugar and gas
  • Eat fresh fruits and drink 100% only Juice
  • Eat fresh vegetables
  • Do not drink bottled fruits juice contain sugar and flavoured



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